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Rollei C5i Carbon

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Camera Basics #21: Getting started with sports photography

We confidently say that this article is one of the best ever for sports photography. In the guide, we also try to cover the various equipment decisions and how to find the perfect settings.

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Rollei C6i Carbon black

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Tripods for razor-sharp pictures

The tripods available at Foto Koch are the perfect companion in all situations and guarantee pictures and videos without any blurring, even with long exposures.

Due to their stability, the three tripod legs ensure a special sharpness of the image that could not be achieved by shooting freehand. Not only for night, macro, animal or sports photography of professionals, the tripods allow a much more precise image composition. Even amateurs who are just entering the world of photography and need to make their first experiences with exposure bracketing, time-lapse and panoramic images benefit and can take razor-sharp pictures without much practice. Furthermore, taking pictures is made easier by the fact that you don't have to hold the cameras, some of which are very heavy, and can thus ensure a longer exposure time. Anyone who thinks that you now inevitably have to dig very deep into your pocket is in for a surprise. Because the large amount of manufacturers such as Manfrotto, Cullmann, Sirui, Benro, Hama and Vanguard as well as different materials such as carbon, wood, plastic or aluminum guarantee that everyone can find the right device at a reasonable price and does not have to spend a fortune directly. Thus, even in lower price segments, you can definitely find high-quality tripods that make the photography experience something very special through good workmanship and the right materials.

The right tripod head for the respective purpose

Someone who photographs birds has a different need than a photographer who shoots a panorama on his tripod or performs a long exposure. Below is a listing of different tripod heads:

What accessories are available for tripods?

If you use a tripod, you can also further customize it to your needs and requirements. Be it for protection by a tripod bag, tripod belt or the previously mentioned tripod head. Depending on the model, other center columns can also be installed to allow individualization of the tripod. Weights can also be purchased to ensure that the tripod stands securely in rough terrain. For example, studio tripods for lights can also be supplemented with rollers to make it easier to position the light in the studio. With some models it is possible to unscrew the feet of the tripod tripod and change them for the terrain that a safe stand is guaranteed or as a spare part, because the feet wear out more often, by contact with the ground

Thus, there are also macro slides for macro photographers, which allows fine alignment on the tripod head and allows precise alignment on the object to be photographed.

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