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Analogue photography

Analog photography
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Fujifilm Mini film

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Bundles with Fujifilm Mini film

Fujifilm Mini film double pack 2x10 shots set of 3

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Digitizing slides, photos or negatives - Which method is right?

The dark season stirs up nostalgia for the past in many people and the old slides and Super 8 films are dug out and then viewed. However, for various reasons, the analog treasures of the past are not durable for eternity or are even a fire hazard.

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Free live consultation

Your individual consultation - from the comfort of your sofa

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Ilford Sprite 35-II

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Kodak 100 135/36

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Analog photography - still unrivaled today

Many photographers today try to imitate the look of analog photographic film with complicated software. Sometimes this works quite well, but it is nowhere near the beautiful grain and special colors of real film. For a long time, it was thought that analog photography would gradually disappear completely from the scene. But in recent years, the exact opposite has been the case. More and more people, especially young people, want to try something new and are turning to photographic film. Manufacturers such as Fujifilm, Agfaphoto and Ilford are reporting rising sales and are even announcing that they will be investing more in the development of analog photo films again. The feel and operation of an analog camera is an experience that has been lost with the calculating coolness of digital photography. Despite all the innovations, however, companies such as Leica and Polaroid have managed to retain their legendary status. Analog photography is crowned by the development of black and white film or color negative film in the home laboratory. Nothing is more exciting than the moments when it is decided whether the photo films have been correctly exposed or not. A new trend with astonishing growth potential is instant photography, which is being driven by Fujifilm in particular. You can even see the small, stylish instant cameras more and more often in nightlife. Analog photography is a passion that won't let go once it has taken hold of you.