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Fujifilm XF 23mm f/2.0 WR

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Camera Basics #21: Getting started with sports photography

We confidently say that this article is one of the best ever for sports photography. In the guide, we also try to cover the various equipment decisions and how to find the perfect settings.

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Lenses by Fujifilm - for photographers with high demands

The Japanese traditional company Fujifilm is known to every photo enthusiast. During the time of analogue photography, the company was mainly known for its good films and the outstanding quality of its lenses. Until today, in the digital age, Fujifilm has been able to preserve this reputation. With lenses for the X-series and the GF-series with medium format sensor, Fujifilm produces first-class optics whose imaging performance is among the best in the world.
All lenses have one thing in common: a first-class, high-quality finish and an excellent feel. Both the range of zoom lenses and the fixed focal lengths have metal housings. The entire range of GF-series lenses and parts from the range of X-series lenses are weatherproof and can therefore be used even in the most adverse conditions. The image stabilizer built into some zoom lenses makes it possible to compensate for 5 whole aperture stops, which allows for blur-free images even in low-light conditions.
Fujifilm serves with its assortment and does not leave the wishes of the individual photographic genres open. Thus, wide-angle shots as well as ultra-telephoto shots can be taken with the different lenses. Despite their solid and robust construction, the Fujifilm lenses do not weigh too much and thus allow for increased mobility. The autofocus used works reliably, quickly and precisely, so that fleeting moments can be captured with a high degree of accuracy.