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Live-Talk: Natural Wonders of Iceland - Between Fire and Ice - Foto Koch
Natural Wonders of Iceland - Between Fire +amp; Ice | with Sebastian Lehrke

11.04.2024 - at 6:30 pm

On April 11, 2024 at 6:30 pm we will take you to the breathtaking landscape of Iceland in our live talk.
Join us on a virtual journey through the north and experience the fascination of the forces of nature up close.

Sebastian Lehrke, landscape photographer and speaker, shares his experiences from his Iceland expeditions with us.
In recent years, he has impressively documented the beauty and at the same time the danger of Icelandic nature.
From erupting volcanoes to glowing northern lights and extreme weather conditions - Sebastian has faced all challenges and captured the perfect moments.

In this live talk you can expect:
- Exciting insights into the work of a landscape photographer
- Breathtaking images of Iceland's natural beauty
- Exclusive tips for preparing for photo trips in Iceland
- Open Q&A session

Ask your questions in the live chat and discover the magic of Iceland with us!

The livestream

About Sebastian Lehrke

"Hi! My name is Sebastian Lehrke, I'm 32 years old, a freelance photographer and drone operator specializing in outdoor, landscape and tourism photography as well as urban art and people, based in Cologne, Germany.

I started photography in 2016 when I was living abroad in Southeast Asia.
My goal with my photos is to bring everyone out there closer to our beautiful and diverse yet fragile world - to make everyone aware of what our planet has to offer.
I want people to see what I see. With my photos and videos, I want to tell my stories and motivate others to go out and discover our nature and experience adventures themselves. Since then, my photography has developed into more than just a simple passion.

What started out as a hobby turned into my first small commissions and book publications. Driven by my own ambition to constantly improve, coupled with chance encounters, larger projects in both the photography and live reportage sectors then resulted, which led me to my current photography existence.

I can now look back on many years of experience in the fields of outdoor, landscape/nature and tourism. I pass on my knowledge to other enthusiastic photographers in photo workshops. I also present my work in photo galleries from time to time and appear on stages across Germany as a keynote speaker with my live reports." - Sebastian Lehrke

Sebastianon Instagram

Photo: Sebastian Lehrke
Photo: Sebastian Lehrke
Photo: Sebastian Lehrke
Photo: Sebastian Lehrke
Photo: Sebastian Lehrke
Photo: Sebastian Lehrke

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